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Balloon Flying Service of Oregon     |     PO Box 3305  Salem OR 97302     |     (503) 363-9799

Since 1989 (with a perfect safety record) Balloon Flying Service of Oregon, Inc. has provided Scenic Hot Air Balloon Rides over the cities of Salem and Keizer daily (weather permitting). We cannot fly when it is raining, foggy or if the surface winds are beyond our safety limits. Flying in the winter months requires you to be more flexible as we sometimes have to wait out early morning fog.

The Hot Air Balloon is the oldest form of air transportation known to man. The first manned flight took place in Paris, France, on November 21st, 1783. To this day, the actual flight has changed little from the first flight over 220 years ago. The major change in ballooning has been in the equipment-and-fabrics that are used in the construction of the "Modern Hot Air Balloon."

Today, the Hot Air Balloon is a registered aircraft with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and is subject to annual safety inspections. The pilots are required to be Commercially rated (the highest rating available) and are tested under the rules established by the FAA every 24 months.


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