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July 4, 2010 (v)
Passengers: Christa Jacobson, Kim Ferguson

Today is Independence Day and I want to wish all a Happy 4th. To all my fellow Veterans I join you in the memories of times gone by. To the younger generation that ”Defend” Truth and Right, two of which I have today may the “wind always be gentle and to your back”.

I have called for one of the “gangs” favorite launch sites (first time this season) in Keizer. This site is right on the river and always gives us a great track over agricultural land then sometimes we swing over the City. We keep it fairly low and get a lot of honking horns and yells from the ground about our 18’ x 22’ “Old Glory”. We cross the river and head into the fruit farms in West Salem. Every year on this weekend we see a large group of folks camping out next to the Fowler Gravel Pit so I’ve always assumed that’s it’s a family reunion. We pass over the Century Dairy and into the fields of berries then past Don Clarks farm and I yell down a “Happy 4th” to him as he is jogging down the drive. We are on our way to ball fields at Wallace Park and it looks like a full day of games today with kids warming up already. We are going to cross the river once again at the bridges and the “gang” pull behind the old Keith Brown warehouse for some photos of us on the river with our flag waving. I have to gain some altitude as we enter into downtown Salem. We cut the edge of Minto and spot Bambi on her way to bed. The drift carries us past Bush Park and I drop Amanda for the “gang” (another story) as we head south. I have already missed several LZ’s (landing zones) and the gang moves underneath us as I’m into a tight urban area. I set up for a couple of school yards as we travel further into “no land-land” The “gang” has staged at the entrance of a workable Park and we need to pull up the flag for the shot. I have some workable trees on the edge of the park to use for a “brake” as we are doing about 5 MPH and will need to drop to about 2 MPH to make the shot. I drop in and the gang is there to catch us with a gentle bump. It was tight but the “gang” made it work just fine. The deflate gets started as the gals go and set up the picnic at the gazebo so we can get the party started. The gang calls us back into action as they are ready to bag Starship and need our help.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Christa: “Couldn’t have had a better kick off for the 4th July. The route (track) was very nice and I will remember this day for a long time.”
Kim: “What a perfect start to our new adventure. Perfect weather, oh yeah…Jim’s one heck of a Pilot!”

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Tim, Cecil, & JR, Susan, Nick, Christy

Average Speed: 6.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 7.3 Miles

See the video of today’s Flight! NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash 9 to play this video
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