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January 29, 2011 Air Show
In Oregon we are familiar with the saying “when it rains it pours”. This weekend turns that into practicality as we have two shows in two towns on the same weekend. On Friday we opened in Salem at the wine show and today we are scheduled to do four thirty minute presentations at the Evergreen Air Museum located in McMinnville. This show is an educational event to teach youngsters about aviation. Since we are the “oldest form” of air transportation we are here to tell our story. This is a first for us and we are kind of feeling our way along. We have been assigned an area under the tail assembly of the Spruce Goose to do our thing. We don’t have enough room to “pump-up and stand Starship so we will just stretch out some of the envelope, about half and hook up like we normally do. I take a few minutes to talk to the folks about how hot air ballooning was discovered over 225 years ago then we have the kids come forward to see the balloon up close. A big thank you to our crew today, Tim, Cecil, Susan & Todd for doing the “grunt work. I hope they don’t expect all the future set ups to be in a heated, clean building. Thanks to JR our host and his staff for all the help with this project. Next time we will bring the RC (remote control) balloon and really show the kids what ballooning is all about.
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