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June 12, 2011 (v)
Passengers: Katrina & Ken Graven, Debbie & Mark Vanderburgh, Pam & Poly Chen

Today we have a full load and I’m happy that they are all good friends. I call for one of our central launch site in Keizer as the wind forecast is light to 3 MPH. The “gang” (lite crew today) gets to work on the balloon as the passengers start to drift to get checked in. In a few minutes we have the balloon filling with cold air and soon we are standing tall and ready for some passengers to get on board. After the briefing I add a bit more heat and we are ready to get airborne and on our way.The upper wind is as forecast nice and light with a push almost due south so we will keep our feet dray today. We have a beautiful morning to play in with bright sun, a real change from some past flights this season. Our flight path puts us on River Road north for a bit as we pass over the Elks club the on past the “Worlds Biggest” bowling pin as we drift along at an easy pace of about 3-4 MPH. The track holds to its due south path as we get look at the river and North Park but will NOT get wet feet today. We pass over the NW Natural Gas parking lot and it is full of trucks being this is Sunday. The “gang” is staged at the paint company as we drift overhead toward Riverfront Park and a possible LZ (landing zone). As I drop lower for the set up on the park the “old reliable” notch wind from the west down the Willamette River slips us to the east and we will miss the park today. We are now over downtown and the gals will be real happy if we park on top of “Nordies” for them. Now I’m looking at the back parking lot at the church as a possibility for the next shot. When I get lower we are again pushed off this LZ so we proceed on down Chemeketa St. Now the lower winds have all but halted and I have a shot at the Capitol Mall State Park. I have not been in here for 15 or more years as the “gang” move in for the catch. We have just enough “momentum energy” left to get us over trees and onto the sidewalk right in the middle of the park. If I do say it myself a SWEET bit of flying! After unloading the passengers the “gang” gets to work on the pack up, I take time to talk with Sr. Trooper Bischoff as to the whys & wherefores of my selection of this LZ today. We get to work on the tagging and bagging of Starship with plenty of “buns” today for a good “sit” . It is time to head back to Keizer for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Katrina & Ken: “Perfect Day, perfect ride right into the Capitol Mall!”
Debbie & Mark: “Beautiful morning, landed on the Governors reserved parking spot, great trip!”
Pam & Poly: “You guys are Great! We will look for more rides in the future.”

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Tim, Cecil & Dr. T

Average Speed: 4.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 4.2 Miles

See the video of today’s Flight! NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash 9 to play this video
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