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July 31, 2011
Passengers: The Foster’s: Charlie, Jolene & Zack

Today wraps up 5 flights in a row for us and I think all of us are ready for a day off. I call for the central Keizer site today as the wind forecast is for 3/5 out of the northwest. Here at the park we have no wind as we get the balloon stretched out and filled with cold air. A final check up and we are ready for the passengers to climb on board. We are off the park with a slight drift to the east then a turn to the south as expected. We drift slowly across Keizer with a bit of a push to the east. The speed is as predicted and we follow River Road with some slippage toward Cherry Ave. and then over the Parkway. It is past River Road Park, our LZ the other day then past the new Chevy store under construction. It is over the Oregon Deaf School and a close look at the “Extreme Makeover” project last year, the new boy’s dormitory. We are getting a bit more or an east push up higher so I call the tower for the okay to drop and get some “adjustment” in the track more to the south and better landing spots. With the correction we are now above Broadway Street and heading toward the Capitol Mall and the “Goldman”. We pass Buckley Field that is North High baseball park, no landing there today the sprinklers are running. Then on down for a peek at the brand new “turf” field for the North High “Vikings”. Now were are on the Mall and get a look at the remodel on one of the building as we drift off behind the “Goldman” and into Willamette University’s very quiet ‘summer’ campus. We are still slipping to the east and cross over the Ram Pub, a very popular spot for the college kids, just off campus. I spot my fist LZ an open field behind a large warehouse complex I call the Chiquita banana field because they rent part of the building. The “gang” radios back that the side gate is locked so I keep looking downwind for #2 LZ. I have a line for the Walling Pond and an open field next to Jerry’s brand new building off McGilcrest. The gang is on the spot as I set up for the shot. The wind has dropped off to nothing as the momentum of the glide carries us over the lines and the gang catch us. I told Dodi, Jerry’s assistant a couple of weeks ago that I would love to try out that fresh “clean” concrete pad off the loading docks for deflation, today is the day. What a ‘joy’ to be the first “commercial” rid to unload here. We get the balloon “tagged and bagged” and have the passengers do the sit and we say farewell to Salmon Run and head back to the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Jolene: “We had a wonderful time. The weather, scenery and pilot were great.
Zack: “Jim was a great pilot and a better storyteller, thanks.”

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Tim, Dr. Todd, Dianne, Ryan

Average Speed: 6.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 6.1 Miles

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