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January 13/14 2012
This weekend we are NOT flying but are doing a “trade” type show to get the word out to new potential passengers about what we do and how. We have been involved with the Oregon Wine & Food Festival since the early 90’s so this venue is not new to us, but now that this event has been changed a bit by Ingalls Group we decided last year to attend and see what the changes have done. The event is still in the same wine and food venue but Craft Beer has been added and now it is the Oregon Wine Food & Brew Festival. The event times have changed a bit too, this year a Thursday opening (the 13th) at 4 PM till 10 PM and then Saturday is the only FULL day at noon to 10 PM. We stop by Wednesday afternoon and get the gear all set up and are ready for the folks to start drifting in the next afternoon. I have a NEW idea this year that is to bring my camera along and get some photos of folks in the “little” basket so we can boost up the traffic to the newly launched face book page for us. Last year we had several folks that did that so this year I will do it for them.

Here are some of the folks that stopped by on Friday, William & Elisabeth, then it was Katherine, Ashley & Heather. Then we had Dominic stop by too.

Saturday my camera was a bit busier as had a bunch more. Christy & Robert (he stayed outside) then Bridget & Chelsea, followed by the funny Nate who’s comment was “heh! No burner thingy”. Then it was time for some youngsters again with Kaylyn & Cousin Noah followed by Jordan and her “yet to be named” Bear. Then it was probably the farthest traveled for the festival Xiaoli from China. Then as the day got later the crowd got a little older and a whole lot “looser” like Sean, Jessica & JP. Lots of couples too like Russ & Jessica, Debbie & Cody too. It was a girl’s night out with Cherona & Heather then Cherona (again) with Rachel & Jessica, then Kristal & Nichole. As it got later the party was on and Landon liked the basket so much he went out “grabbing girls” first it was Susan then he caught Allycia.

We had some of the “gang” drop by to, JR & Dr. Todd and my favorite (because she is shorter that I am) Susan. We had a really great neighbor who sells about a “gazillion” flavors of scented GELLED candles, like Yagermeister & anything else you can think of. It was a fun time and I hope I got the names close to right!

SEE YA NEXT YEAR ( with some really new & far out digital STUFF)!!!

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