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January 28, 2012 (v)
Well today we are invited over to McMinnville to the annual “Reach for the Stars” show that is put on by the “education division” of the Air & Space Museum. We were there last year at JR’s invitation and did a rather “dull” and “lame” presentation using Starship half out of the bag and the basket and chase rig on the floor.

But this year we have put some real “show biz” into the act by loading up the remote controlled hot air balloon and using it for display. Nothing like a 20 foot tall bag full of HOT AIR floating around the room to catch the folk’s eye!

We got there a bit after 9 AM and we shown where to set up. JR put us in the Space Museum this year so to keep us out of the sensitive fire suppression system they have in the Air building where we were last year. Our spot was close to the tallest part of the roof so we could get the balloon clear of most of the wires. We were next to one of my favorite planes the BLACK BIRD. The SR-72 was a result of the “skunk works” project in the 60’s and is a real tribute to our American Engineering talent. On the other side was a 100+ feet of Saturn V rocket and behind us was the helicopter display. A great spot kind of at the “back” of the hall but plenty of room and you could see “Wally” no mater where you were in the building.

The way the show works is that the folks are broken into groups and those groups are taken from “station to station” for each presentation. The rotation is 30 minutes for each station and we felt that we could layout then hookup then pump up “Wally” , get it airborne and fly a bit and down in that time and still have time to answer questions. It worked out just great and we wowed every group!

This is a really fun event and very well attended so we feel that it is time well spent, fun people to talk to and very well organized. We even had a bunch of “STARS” next to us (the Star Wars gang) and even got a close look at there gear. I got to meet a “Storm Trooper” and Darth Vader was “breathing” around us too.

The “gang” today was Tim, Cecil, Dr. Todd, and Mitch with a drop in from time to time from Susan & JR. Thanks gang, as I always say…can’t get it up and down without ya….even if it is “Wally” the ¼ scale model balloon.

See the video of today’s Flight! NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash 9 to play this video
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