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April 7, 2012
Passengers: Tabitha, Alyssa, Jeffy Macomber, Paul & Alan Koreiva

Finally we get a chance to get this group off the ground as this family has been grounded every weekend for OVER a MONTH! The winds are back to normal (for today) so I call for the North launch site out in Brooks at the private strip owned by the Weather’s family. Since it has been since last fall that we flew with Jason and his Powered Parachute I emailed him an “invite” to come play with us and said yes and he’ll bring a friend, Jim and his aircraft too. Jason has a new “2 seat” aircraft so Cecil (our lead crewman) will get a chance for a ride along with Jason today. We all get to work prepping the gear and soon it is time to load up our passengers. We are off the tarmac and on our way to the south at a really easy pace and pass over Jim as he lifts off and spot Jason & Cecil as they fly by. We proceed down the runway just like a real airplane then get a bit of a hook to the south and head toward the gravel operation at Knife River. We are drifting along at about 4/5 MPH so the passengers will get a really nice close look at the farm country in the area. The passengers today are really getting a show from Jim as he fly’s by giving us a smoke trail “Hello” the typical greeting for P/parachute pilots. We cross over Brooklake Road still heading almost due south and since our passengers are pizza fans I drop down to show them Dave Wallery’s house. We are starting to leave the farm country so the “boys” do one more flyby as they cannot fly over the city with their aircraft being deemed “ultralight” and restricted to “unconjested” areas to fly over. We start to approach the Keizer urban area and I start to figure out our LZ (landing zone) for today. We slip by two good ones, Country Glen Park then Gubser School but I do have a line on Whittaker School if I can get a hook to the west. I drop a bit looking for it but not today so we continue on south. I have a shot at the catch basin next to Keizer Station but it is way to wet. We cross over Chemawa Road and the next shots are a “friendly” church or the Keizer Little League ball fields. I drop low for the shot and will miss the church so it will be the ball fields. The “gang” is split up some at the church the rest move to the ball field for the catch. The “little” gang gets me “posted” right on the foul line as the rest of the group bring the van over. We get the deflate started and it’s good we fly tomorrow as this field is really wet. The passengers get the “sit” done and we load up for the trip back to the airport. The gang spotted this sign on the way in, really is TRUE for us today.

Back at the field we get the certificates handed out and all head out as they are a bit late for some weekend activities. No breakfast today!

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Dr. Todd, Molly, Tim, Brad & in basket Mitch, Lance, Brett

Average Speed: 4.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 5.0 Miles

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