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April 22, 2012 (v)
Passengers: Gary Bennett, Phaedra White, Sebastian & Seth Deleon

After yesterdays “messy morning” (fog all day) and waiting tell noon to give up the flight today looks better, with just some “patchy” stuff around so I move us from Finney Lake to a parking lot in Keizer as the pi-ball shows me very light winds. We stake out our spot and get the balloon out of the bag and stretched out and pumped up with some young (Seth & Brett) but willing help (Sebastian & Lance) at the throat. Soon we are hot and standing so I call for the passengers to “climb on board”. Cecil and Molly take a final check on the “Plank” gear and we are off the lot and on our way. Once we get some altitude I can see that this launch site was the right choice as it is “hazy” but we are clear of all patchy fog. The passengers today are good friends and also own a real nice “Pub” here in Salem so we are “testing out” an idea that Gary & I have been talking about to promote his restaurant, Duffy’s Hanger to folks we fly over. Bean bags have been used for years in ballooning to “mark” targets in a balloon competition and we are going to use the “bean bag” tossed down to folks on the ground as a gift and when they return it to the Pub, they get a GREAT discount on items on the menu. So you can imagine that with the “boys” (all 3 of them) in the basket and me too we will go through a LOT of “bags” today (22). The winds are light so this is a easy chase for the “gang” and with all the bags dropping the had out a LOT of our “new” trading cards. I have to get my hand in and I spot a red pick-up on the street being washed, a PERFECT target. I call for the “bed” of the truck as my spot and work the line for the shot. It’s now my turn to show my STUFF and I take the shot. I still have the touch from the “old NWHBC days” and score a direct hit, right in the box. It is time to think about landing before we cross the river and loose the crew. We have Keizer Rapids Park below us and that will be the shot if I can hold this track. The gang move in and I get “almost” to much south push but with help from a “lucky” drop rope toss the crew reels us into the park. The “gang’ get the hot air out and we get the envelope and lines ready for the pack. The passengers do the “bag sit” for us and we get the gear loaded back into the van. Since we are parked right next to a picnic table, we will “party” right here.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Phaedra: “Thank God Cecil is tall. (it helped at the catch) Thank you once again for the beautiful flight and up close view of the trees. We LOVE it!!
Sebastian: “I liked throwing bean bags at people.”
Seth: “Thanks Jim for flying us and making the nice pick-up shot.”

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Tim, Molly, Cecil, Brad & Lance, Brett and the “young CIT’s” (crew in training)

Average Speed: 2.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 2.0 Miles

See the video of today’s Flight! NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash 9 to play this video
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