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July 2, 2012
Passengers: Julianne Tierney, Marsha Tierney, Bill Young

Today I call for the west site as the winds are suppose to be out of the west but after I send up the pi-ball to check I find that we have more push from the north than I like so I move us to the Brooks site instead. We get the balloon spread out and the top in then pump in some cold air and we are ready for the passengers to get on board. With a little more heat we are off the tarmac and the adventure begins. We are again between fronts so the sun will come and go as Mother Nature has yet to decide when summer in the valley will actually begin. We have very little wind off the surface and as I climb higher looking for a bit of a breeze I find NONE at any altitude. I just love the valley for flying, travel a few miles in any direction and you find a totally different “sphere” to fly in. Today we will meander around (take a look at the TRACK below) the farm country that is mostly farmed by Weathers & Chapin family. The Weather’s are mainly into hops and the Chapin’s are fruit folks with their main concern hazelnuts. We have a “Birthday Gal” with us today, Marsha and I will keep her the number secret so if you don’t know her you don’t know and if you do …you probably DO! The gang will have an easy chase today and a good thing too as we are light on “boots” with only 2 sets in the truck. We zig & zag across the farm land for the hour and I have to really pick my spot today as we have NO LZ’s anywhere and I can’t find anything that will carry me back to the airport. I spot an “equipment yard” that is fairly empty next to a Weather’s hop field, just past a big hazelnut orchard so I have the Cecil & Beth move there. I will need a tow to get there and after we clear the last hop pole I send down the rope and we get towed to the take down spot. Doug (the owner) is watching as we work down the road and has some gear moved out of the area we want to lay down in. A BIG THANK YOU for the kindness too!!! We get the pack up started and Marsha tells me they have to “boogie” out right away as the have to catch a plane in Eugene later and are short of time. No picnic today but we do have a “gift for them” to remember us by.

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Cecil & Beth

Average Speed: 2.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 2.3 Miles

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