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July 7, 2012
Passengers: Geoff, Kristina, Susie Strommer

I call for the Brooks site but the pi-ball tells me to move back into town as the winds are lighter than forecast. We really have “short” crew today with only two sets of “boots” to work with and I’m hoping that the light winds will hold till we park. We get the balloon laid out as the passengers watch and after the pump up it is time to load up and head out. We are off the lot with a push to the east for a bit then hook back over Keizer at an easy pace. We will traverse across town for a bit and Kristina spots a new item to me, someone wants all us “flyboys” to get this message. We drift along as the “gang” finds a spot to sit for a bit as we drift by on our way to the river. This track has us close to our last flight with our LZ (landing zone) being west Salem to be sure. We edge up to the river and will cross soon. We get on the water for a bit then drift over the trees into West Salem for the remainder of our flight. We are over the berry fields for a bit as the gang moves across the bridges and I have some fun with Kristina as we kill some time. My first shot for our LZ (landing zone) today is the church we use for launching but I miss the lot by a couple of blocks so we will proceed up the hill. We have a park and several churches on this track and one will be the spot today. The boys are at a Christian Church that we have used several times and that will be the LZ today, with an assist of a drop line we are on the lot in no time. We get Starship ready for the pack and in the bag for another day. The passengers do the sit and we load up for the trip back the City Hall for the picnic.
I get the story star
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