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July 13, 2012
Passengers: Christin Knight-Stanner, Meghan & Trevor Stanner, Don Chambers

Today we have a family from the Portland area and I call for the Keizer site as the start point with winds forecast out of the north and fairly light. We are light in the “gang” department with only 2 sets of boots on the ground but we get the gear out and pumped up in fine style. We get standing and we are missing Christin, then she appears out of the little blue house and we board all for the final briefing and radio check. We are off the lot and start the drift off to the south as planned. We will cross over Keizer for the first half of the flight and I notice that we are a bit faster at altitude that predicted as we have a huge low pressure building south of us on the CA border. We are heading for the Parkway and will pass over the pond by the new Capitol Chev/Subaru then on over Oregon School for the Deaf and get a look at the new “very green” boys dorm with the grass roof. We continue on into Salem getting a bit of a push to the east so my first LZ (landing zone) shot will be North High. When I drop down a west push shoves me off and the next shot will be the OSH (kookos nest) before we get to the BIG house. Now I get a shove from the east and we will miss this one too. Meghan looks a bit worried until I tell her we will use the airport this morning. I radio the tower as we enter the pattern on the end of runway 13 and we have permission to land. My first thought is to use the grassy area just next to the “north” hangers and as I set the shot the surface winds (at 7 MPH) shift to due south and the landing will be ON THE RUNWAY today. I have called in my change and Cindy gives us the go ahead and the gang is on the tarmac watching. We approach the runway and I touch down on the asphalt right after the last set of lights and we slide to a gentle stop after about 100 feet of “wheels down” as the fixed wing guys say. The gang is waiting to the side and they pull u
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