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July 29, 2012
Passengers: Terry & Pam Baldwin, Mary & Richard Kostner

Today we are again out in Brooks at the private airstrip with another full load of fun folks. I kick out the pi-ball and the winds look workable, heading out to the south as expected. The gang gets the balloon out and prepared for the pump up, in a few minutes we are full of air, I add some heat and Starship springs to life. Once we are standing tall I have the passengers come on board and we are ready for take off. We are off the tarmac and head out over the hops and I spot a crop duster over one of the Hazelnuts fields’ spraying this morning. We get a bit of a hook to the east and this will take us closer to Antique Powerland and a look at the “steam-up” activities that are kicking off this weekend. The winds are lighter than forecast so we will NOT make it to Keizer today and everything below us is still in crops so the LZ (landing zone) will be tough to find today. My first shot is a small pasture behind a barn but the gang can’t find any one for permission so the next shot is a wheat field farmed by a “friendly” farmer so I toss the rope and the TOW across the field to a lay down spot is on. We get the balloon deflated, back in the bag and we head back for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Pam: “What a great flight, the landing was so ‘wheatful’ & smooth.”
Mary & Richard: “What a wonderful surprise from good friends! It was so much fun and can now check this off my ‘bucket list’. This is the best crew and really makes it
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