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August 28, 2012 (b) v
Passengers: Mark Aguilar & Dannyelle Mager

Today we have ANOTHER betrothal flight, this must be the most we have ever done in a season as I have lost count! Mark is springing this on Dannyelle, as most of these flights are a SURPRISE to the gal. I call for the West Salem site as the forecast has swung around from the south push to a west too. We get to work on the balloon with only a few “lookie-loos” in the area, Dannyelle’s best friend being the only one. We get Starship filled with air and standing so it is time to board the passengers. We are off the lot and our adventure is about to begin. We get the west push and head out to the northeast as the pi-ball had predicted a bit earlier. We have a beautiful sunrise to greet us as we cross over the gravel pits and get a nice reflection shot off the water, but I decide to keep our feet “dry” today. The pickers are busy this morning collecting another harvest of Marion berries today. Next up we slip over the trees and onto the Willamette River for a bit, catching the down-stream push then into Keizer River Road Park. Mark starts giving me the “eye” as he is ready to do his song and “pop” the question as we approach the largest “bowling pin” in the valley. I will need to get some altitude to about 2,500 feet so he can have some “quiet” time for proposal. We get there and I give him the “nod” and he gets the job in a style that I have never seen before… really unique… (see video below) and she said YES! ! At the end of all the fun we are again closer to the surface and I spot our LZ (landing zone) for today. We cruse into the waiting “gang” on the grass and after we clear the trees we are in the grasp of Cecil getting towed across the WET soccer field with
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