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September 2, 2012
Passengers: Julia Jones, Kathy Hicks, Kevin Hicks, Crystal Davey

Again we are back in Brooks for our launch site today. We are on the Blue Moon day, so anything COULD happen (you know the “once in a Blue Moon” thing). Like yesterday we have some pockets of ground fog in the area but the gang gets to work on the balloon. After we get some air in the balloon Cecil take the passengers into Starship through the vent for a cool photo opportunity. We get the balloon standing and it is time to have the passengers get on board. We lift off the tarmac and follow the same track as yesterday to the south toward the ponds at Knife River. This is a really fun “family group so I think we will get our “feet wet” in the pond today. I set the shot and before you know it we are in the water and all are surprised. I gain some altitude as we leave the fog bank on the pond. We break out toward Brooklake Road and head toward Keizer. We pass by our local “field of dreams” a softball field for his now grown children, but is used now for a other kids in the area. The hour is up and I’m looking for a spot to park and have spotted a field that we have used twice in the last couple of weeks. I set the shot and the gang moves in for the catch and we are down. We get the balloon deflated and ready to pack. The passengers do the sit and we load up for the trip back for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Julia: “WOW, what an experience! So glad my Mom
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