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September 5, 2012 (v)
Passengers: Kevin Kirkland, Jo Ann Kobel, Tim & Judy Gettmann,

Today we have a couple from up north, PDX/Boring area and I will add our new to the team this season “gang” for there crew pay-out ride. Jo Ann & Kevin (& Punk) have been with us for a few months this summer. I call for our Brooks site as the pi-ball shows us the winds are still coming out of the north. The “gang” gets to work on the balloon, we get the cold air pumped in and soon we are standing and ready for the passengers. We lift off the tarmac and drift to the south at about 2 MPH toward the ponds at Knife River. I plan to do a “splash & dash” so the crew guys can see how it is done. Cecil and the chase “gang” had driven out to see the “dip” and enjoyed it from the beach. We drift off the pond (water dripping) and it is time to go higher as Kevin has requested to see what it is like “up top”. At 2200 feet we are doing 19 MPH with a bit of an east push, which I don’t want as it will put us across the river into West Salem. I let the balloon cool and we drop down over Zielinski’s harvested wheat field and drift (slower) to the south toward the golf course and the lake at Inland Shores. We have dropped down to about 2 MPH so I have a chance to do 2 S&D’s today and the “gang” are on the outlook with the camera. We get our feet wet for the 2nd time today and now it is time to park. I have the “gang” right below and this is a commercial area that we have used several times for landing. They give us a tow to an empty parking lot for the take down. We get the “bag sit” done and head back to Finney Lake for the picnic.
I get the
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