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November 27, 2012 (b)
Passengers: Matt Blythe & Rachael Federico

We have a “private” flight on the books today and Matt has been VERY determined to get this one in the AIR. I called for the new site ‘X’ but after the pi-ball test balloon I move us to the west site as we have a slight push from the north. When we get to the lot and start the setup I see the Christmas tree man has already set up, but this is a big lot. The gang gets the top in and the fan is fired up to get the VERY cold (33*) air pumped in. Time to call for the passengers to climb on board and after the safety briefing we are off the lot. The drift is just what the pi-ball showed us as we head slowly to the south. For the first few minutes of the flight we are over the Willamette River fog bank that has crept in from the west out of the Independence/Dallas area that usually is present after several days of rain. Once we get past Minto Park we are out of the fog and into the Croisan Creek area. This is a great spot for Matt to “spring” his surprise and he does just that. He catches Rachael completely “flat footed” but she does say YES, several times. I radio down to the “gang” below that we have “completed our mission” so it is time to find a spot to park out here in NO LAND, land! I spot a familiar spot (I did a wedding at this house a few years back) and I see the owner leaving so the driveway will be clear for the take down and a dry paved road for the pack-up. We get the balloon back in the back and I call “Steph” at the restaurant to get the set-up started for the breakfast.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

It has been a fun morning and we did get the
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