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May 5, 2013
Passengers: Kevin, Julie Ryan Mc Cann, Jean Luansing, Mark Mc Cann

Again we are back at the Brooks site with a Birthday group that booked the other day and the Boss” gave up her flight date with her friend so we could do this. The flight yesterday was “off track” of what was forecast and today we have another “funky” day that gives me concern. I send up a pi-ball (test balloon) to see what we have and it’s FAST above 300 feet. The passengers arrive and we talk about the conditions, the sun has come up so I send up another pi-ball and the speed up top has fallen off so I give the “gang” the go ahead to drag out the gear and get us ready to fly. Once we are standing I call for the passengers to come on board and after the safety briefing we are off the tarmac heading to the southwest. I check the upper winds at altitude and find the higher I go the faster it is. So today the rule will be lower to be slower. We have a drift to the west while staying low in the bottoms and when I have to climb a bit to clear the ridge we pick up speed over Keizer. We have a Birthday gal today and her “gang” are all having a fine time. We slip past Statts Lake on the west side and I’m doing my best to get a shot at Wallace Marine Park in West Salem for the LZ today. There is a large ball field complex there and is ringed by trees on the north end which will give me a nice “wind shadow” to hide behind. I get the needed turn to the west and we swing over the trees with the gang waiting on the soccer field next to the ball fields, which are full of youngsters getting warmed up for games today. The gang catches us and gives us a tow to the parking lot where we get the deflated and the passengers do the sit. We get the gear loaded and head back to the airport for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Julie: “Thanks to a great Captain we had a beautiful trip. Thanks for the wonderful commentary!”
Mark: “Today was wonderful! I loved all the history and learning so much…also seeing all the excited people was pretty cool.”
Ryan & Jean: “What a great flight! I had a lot of fun and hope to take another flight soon!...Best first flight ever!”
Kevin: “Amazing flight to celebrate my wife’s ‘special day’. Thanks Jim and crew!”

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Tim, Cecil, ‘Punk’ Kevin & Joann

Average Speed: 9.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 8.8 Miles

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