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May 10,2013
Passengers: Kacie McCracken & Dylan Harvey (added crew payout) Tim Gregory

I call for the “boat ramp” again today as the upper winds are a twin to yesterday. We have another fantastic sunrise as we get the gear out, hooked up and the envelope pressurized. We are up and I call for the passengers to board. I have tapped a “longtime” “gang” member for a payout ride today as we a re light loaded and I could use more “ballast”. We are off the lot and catch the breeze to the east southeast as did the pi-ball earlier. As we cross the river Tim spots a kayak group that has used the “over night” camping spot that is unique to this park. We wave “bye” to Cecil as we cross into West Salem and head toward Riverbend Pond and a chance for me to get the basket “wet”. We cross the river (for the second time) and drift into Keizer at the “pump station” where the “gang” is staged. Just to the south of the station is a “cool” Osprey nest that has several eggs in it which we spot as we pass over. Then we cross River Road and spot the “biggest” bowling pin in the valley. It’s across the Parkway and over the fountain at the pond by Cap. Chevy. We are into the Cherry industrial area at the end of the hour and in an area with few LZ’s (landing zones). Tim makes a request to get a bit higher and I need some steerage so why not? While climbing we get “back tracked” toward the river and will cross it again (number 3). I still need to find a spot to park so as I drop some altitude we get drafted back across the river Number 4) to almost the same spot we just left a few minutes ago. (look at the track below) I miss the parking lot at Home Depot, then slide to the south of a warehouse lot, also miss the Epping property and the State Fairgrounds. With the surface winds being “LIGHT” I have missed four LZ’s in a row due to little<
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