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May 25, 2013
Passengers: Cory & Jane Heintz

Today we will try our NEW south launch site ‘X’ for the first time. It’s a small lot owned by Reforestation Services, Inc. and Kelly the Operations Manager has kindly agreed to let us use the open lot. The lot had some debris but a sweep with the fan did the trick. We got the balloon out and pumped up and it filled most of the lot but this site will work for us. I call for the passengers to board and we are off the lot heading to the east, northeast. We drift a bit more to the east and will slip up over the hill then drop into the old Fairview complex and chase some deer for a bit. We cross over the “gang” as we head toward the Airport and I think we’ll BUZZ the tower, seeing that they have yet to open the control zone. We drift on down to the Fire Station then get a bit of a hook to the east and will cross over the end of my “favorite” runway then off to find a LZ (landing zone) for today. The push to the east has given us a perfect spot to land, a large park next to the “big house” for the BAD BOYS! The gang pulls into the lot and I send down a line so they can keep us on the right side of the fence. The gang gets us to the edge of the lot and we start to deflate and get Starship back in the bag for the return trip back south. Since this site has no picnic table for the party we will use our patio at home, just a couple of blocks away.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Jane: “We were able to go up in a small window of good weather today. It was a wonderful experience! It was so beautiful to see the sights from above….thanks for a great morning and food!”
Cory: “Fantastic time! Jim’s more entertaining th
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