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May 31, 2013
Passengers: Veldeane Stull, Amy & Mattie Moon

We have lost a couple of days to bad weather but we now have a “summer high pressure building in from California and it’s a beautiful day to go fly. I call for the Keizer launch site at the new boat ramp and the test balloon tells us we will have a nice flight across town to the south, southeast. We get the gear off “Victor” and Cecil take’s our “youngster” inside for a “peek” at Starship that few get to see. When standing I call for the passengers to come on board and after the “briefing” we are off the lot and heading out to the east, southeast. We cross the river then into West Salem and over Riverbend pond and then again cross the river (it makes a 90* turn there) again into NE Salem heading south. I point out the “Jesus” church and see that the “gang” is right on the job below us trying to guess where to go next. The winds are still pretty light and I catch a push from due north and we head toward the Capitol Mall area and directly for the “Park on the Mall” which is a great LZ (landing zone). I call for the shot to the ‘X’ in the middle and when I drop for set-up we get shoved off to the east and will miss this first LZ. This hook to the east will set up LZ #2, Bush Elementary School and again we get shoved off. We pass over some children waiting for the buss and I send down a “bean bag” for them to catch, and the do! Next shot will be the Mission Mill complex parking lot as they aren’t open yet and “balloon friendly”. Mother Nature is putting me to the test today and she pushes us a bit off track and that will be LZ #3…missed! We cross over Mission Street and if this track will hold for a bit longer we might make the airport? Again down for the shot and now we get a push back to the west (where did that come from) and will miss LZ #4. The west shove puts Salmon Run into play, a “balloon friendly” Walling property off Mc
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