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June 8, 2013
Passengers: Ray Tallman, Denise Rice & Angie Brown, Donnie Zimmerma

I call for the Brooks site as the forecast is for a bit more wind out of the north than yesterday. I kick out the pi-ball (test balloon) and it heads out southwest (not what I expected) then hooks almost due west. We get the gear out and prepped for flight and Jason and Jim show up with there “powered parachute rigs to join us. As we get Starship pumped up the boys get there “chutes” set up on the strip next to us. We are standing tall and I call for the passengers to board and after the safety briefing we are off the tarmac. Jason is right behind us and circles around us a couple times and gives us his “traditional” HELLO salute, a bit of trail of smoke off the exhaust manifold. I’m going to be low most of the flight to try and keep us on the right track to some good LZ’s later. We look to the north and spot another ride outfits up and running today. We cross into Zielinski farms for a bit then on to Mc Nary golf course. We have several LZ’s in Keizer and I can’t get to a one of them so we cross the river into West Salem. By now the wind has kicked up and we need to get DOWN! I have the gang move to Riverbend Road and have a shot at an open field next to the gravel pit. This is a friendly spot as long as we don’t interferer with ongoing operations. I will have to do this one alone as the speed is too high for ground help, so I set the shot and have the passengers brace for a bumpy landing. The field is full of deep ruts from the front loaders and we hook a couple which slows us and we are down safely. It is going to be a LONG pack out and thanks to the passengers for there help.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.
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