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June 14, 2013
Passengers: Sasan & Shabnam, Sarmad & Sepehr

I call for the west site as the forecast has VERY light winds out of the south, southwest. When we get to the launch site it’s still clear and the test balloon confirms that the winds are light. We get the balloon out, the top in and Cecil goes inside to untangle some lines for us. When Starship is full I add the heat and we are ready for the passengers to come on board. We are off the lot and once we get a bit of altitude I spot some of the patchy fog around town. The airport is clear to the south, the West Salem hills are clear to the west and the track we have is to the northeast which is clear past the river where most of the low fog has established. We will spend our time at about a thousand feet until we get far enough east to clear the clouds (got to stay legal). The tower comes on the air at 7 AM and I drop down to give them a “pilot report” as to the top of the “ceiling” which is about 300 feet. We keep holding our track with a big zig to the south about the time we cross the river (look at TRACK below) then I get an adjustment breeze and get back to the northeast push to the edge of the “bank”. We are past the hour when we fly out of the edge of the clouds in Keizer and I have a shot at Clear Lake School’s soccer field. When I set the shot for the field I get a sharp turn to the south and have the “gang” pull out and move a small field on the end of Pleasant View. I again set the shot as the “gang” waits for the drop. We unload the passengers, I pull the top and the “gang” pushes the extra air out. The passengers do the “sit” and we load up for the drive back to the Park for the picnic.
I get the story started, the
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