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June 15, 2013
Passengers: Kevin & Chris Huff, Gwen Huff, Linda Cervone, Brenda Evans

Today we have a REALLY “full” load (5 + me) and a “special” birthday FAMILY celebration for Gwen. I called for the west site first and then the pi-ball tells me this is the wrong site so I have us move to Keizer. When we get there I still need to adjust the location a bit east so we move again to a Middle School parking lot and the pi-ball here confirms that this will work. The “gang” gets Starship put and hooked up, filled with cold air and I call for the passengers once we are up. We are off the lot and the “adventure” has begun. We get some altitude and catch a slow drift to the west over Keizer (Gwen’s home town) We cross by the ‘NEW” St. Edwards Church then past Statts lake and I’m not happy with this track and trying my best to find some kind of push to the south. The higher I go the more north push I get so it’s back down for the east push again. We are slipping up on the river so I call the gang to get on the move to West Salem as we will be there for the LZ. Down low (tree top) there is NO wind so I can stay low and “wait” on the river for the gang to catch up with us. The plan works and I climb out of the trees and spot the van heading down Wallace Road to us. The LZ (landing zone) is on the other side of the trees as we approach a small field that’s part of the greenway project. I set the shot as the gang hits the field and send them a line as this is SMALL spot to play in. The gang gets the balloon ready to pack and then the passengers do the “sit”. We load up and head back to Keizer for the
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