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July 5, 2013
Passengers: Dean, Ethan, Heidi, Amber Hill

Today we have the Hill family on Moms BIRTHDAY flight. The upper winds have slowed a bit and the pi-ball (test balloon) that I let go at the park confirms this so we move to the school parking lot for the set-up. We get the balloon pumped up and I call for some “ballast” and we are off the lot with a hook to the east down low, something I don’t want this early in the hour so I go for some altitude and find the push from the north that the pi-ball showed me. With the push to the south we pass by Keizer Station and Heidi points out that her ‘fav’ store is there, Target (in background). We continue to the south and cross over the Little League fields then I drop a bit for a peek at the Kroc Center. There was still the push from the west over the center which has put us on track for the State Fairgrounds as the first LZ so I call for the gang to move there for the shot. When I drop for the shot on the parking lot I catch that push to the east at 200 feet and we miss this one. We cross over I-5 and toward Lancaster Drive when I spot a good LZ ahead, the ball fields behind the gym at Salem Academy. I have the “gang” move there and after a “close encounter” with a tree (to take off some speed) we are all down on the end zone of the football field. Dean gives us a hand with the deflating the envelope, we get the “bag sit” done and head back to City Hall for the picnic.
NOTE: The real irony of this LZ is that all these youngsters go to school here, and Heidi just started to work in the office a few weeks ago.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Dean: “Tree crashing is FUN!!”
Ethan: “The tree trimming exercise was fun.”
Heidi: “Today was a blast! Thank you for making my 40th very memorable with my kids. Adding it to the 4th of July week
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