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July 13, 2013
Passengers: Arnold & Sandy Christensen, Richard & Sandi Glenn

Again we are back at our north site and have a couple of Sandy’s (one with an I) today not something I haven’t had in the basket before. We get the balloon out and the “gang” does their magic putting it all together. I have Cecil do the up for me and then the passengers join us in the basket. We are joined by Capt. Chris as he gets the RV-7 out and on its way to Portland so he can go to work. Shortly after he gets up we follow suit and are off field to the south, southwest. At the lower levels I have a sharp push to the west so I go higher to try to correct that with more of a track to the south and better LZ’s (landing zones) at the end of the hour. The move helped but didn’t fix the track and we will cross over the river, just a bit further down wind. We have been moving at a good clip, as high as 18 MPH so I drop to a lower altitude over the farm country to “wait” for the gang to catch up. While down low the passengers finally get a up close look at our beautiful valley. The radio cracks and the “gang” have a “visual” on us and I can now find a place to park. We are next to some “old” friends at the Limousine Ranch, a large property that use to have hundreds of head of “pretty brown” (& very cantankerous) cattle. The owner has passed and so have the cows but we still use this LZ from time to time. We have a little tree line to cross then I have the shot for a just harvested grass seed field. We get down just as the gang comes around the corner of the field. We get deflated and the balloon in the bag, time to go do the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Arnold & Sandy; ‘Amazing beauty of a quiet float across the countryside on a clear sunny morning. The best commentary from our pilot to entertain and explain the sights.”
Richard & Sandi: “We were so excited for this amazing experience
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