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July 14, 2013
Passengers: Roy & Sue Bradford

We are again at our north site for today’s flight which is a PRIVATE one (just 2 people) to celebrate Sue’s birthday. The “gang” pulls out the balloon as the sun peeks in on us and when it’s full of cold air Cecil brings us up, standing tall. We are ready for the passengers and off the tarmac to the southwest. Again today I have to go “hunting” for a favorable wind to track us to some workable LZ’s at the end of the hour. We will be above a thousand feet for most of the flight as that is where the south push is today. Once we cross the river at the park I drop down to find some slower winds so the gang can get across to the west side. We will “hang” around here for a bit and play in the trees until the gang checks in. It’s time to find a place to park and I miss a great one by sliding by to the east about 300 yards. We have several LZ’s lined up, one is Don Clark’s farm which is all torn up with new construction, apartments coming in so I call for Somerset Heights as the shot. This is a controlled community of manufactured homes that we use several times a season. On the east end of the property is a BEAUTIFUL open field that is always trimmed like a golf course we use. As I set the shot I get a shove to the west and will miss the field but have the boys move up the street for a drop line and a tow to the field at the end of the street. After working around a couple of street lights we are on the field and get the balloon down and back in the bag. We load up, say goodbye to the “loo
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