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JUly 19, 2013
Passengers: Ashley & Kenny Rasmussen, Caroline Kurtz & Mark Rasmussen

Today we return to the “Rasmussen” family farm for the final flight off the “old homestead” as Mark & Caroline have sold the place and will move to Bend to enjoy the “Golden Years” in the high desert sun. We have a nice sun peeking through the trees as the gang gets the balloon pumped up. They have a little cow pasture that we use and when the balloon is pumped up I have Cecil add some heat, and I call for them to join us for “lift off”. We are off the pasture and hang around for a bit as all get there LAST aerials of the farm as we drift off to the south. We track down State Hwy. 221 pretty much staying on the west side of the river at about 800 feet until we cross Zena road. I drop altitude to check the lower winds and get a STONG (check track) push to the east which I don’t’ want as that will put us across the river. I jump back up to about a thousand feet and get the push south again. Now we have a bit more west push than I like so over by the Limousine Ranch I drop again and correct us back to the east a bit with a better shot at our LZ’s in West Salem. We are into the residential area on the down slope of Eola Hills and LZ’s will be few and far between. The first one is a small open field that is “squeezed” behind a group of houses, I manage to get into it but we have too much “momentum” after the first bounce and I have to climb out to miss the trees next to it. I now have several schools in front of us starting with Kalapuya Elementary with a lot of room to park. As I set the shot I get some up-slope breeze toward the tree line and will miss this one. Next up the hill is a open field that I miss then it’s up the hill to Straub Middle School with twice the room as Kalapuya and some down slope shoves us off again. Next up is Brush College Elementary and (off course) I miss that one too. I’ve lost count of all the misses…5 I think…and next is West Salem High and this WILL be the one! We cross over Doakes Ferry Rd. at tree top and I spot the lower parking lot with the gang in place. I have a bit too muc
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