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October 18, 2013
Passengers: Brian & Angela Lee

We had to pull yesterday’s flight due to fog but this morning it’s not near as heavy so I call for the Keizer site to start out. The pi-ball shows us a bit more wind above 600 feet so I move us to the Brooks site for today. We get the equipment out and ready for the inflation, when the balloon is full and standing I call for the passenger to join me in the basket. We are off the ground and we see that the fog is as forecasted.. patchy. I get a bit of altitude to see where the “shear” is (between the low speeds lower light and faster speeds higher…faster). Up high there is too much push to the west so I drop back down and we get the “double rainbow” shadow (eclipse) off the fog over the hop poles. I find the right track at about 6/700 feet and will hold this altitude to get us the track toward Keizer. We pass over the gravel operation at Knife River, orchards and more harvested hop fields. We slip over the “edge” of the “Bottoms” up toward Wheatland road and I drop some altitude and find the due south track. We are in the Meadows area and the kids have a good friend living here and we get lucky and fly over their house. We have found a shove to the west again and this will carry us over the golf course, then Mc Nary high which are both good LZ’s. Getting a bit higher I find the track south again and it gives me the shot for some open fields that are owned by a balloon friendly business. I drop for the shot and the wind at tree top is very light. The “gang” is at the field as we work our way to the field. It takes a bit of time and I finally get a
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