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March 23, 2014
Passengers: Mike & Kathy Oglevie, Devin & Savanna Burruss, Yasmin Briseno-Oglevie

I call for the city hall site for today and after we check the pi-ball for upper winds we move north about a mile to the school parking lot. No “lookie-loos” today as we are into spring break and the lot is empty as we set up the balloon and get it all hooked up and ready for the cold air pump up. Starship is getting full so Cecil decides that the kiddies need a “treat” and he takes them INSIDE for a peek. Now it’s time to stand her up and get the passengers on board. Just a bit after 8AM we are off the lot and the “adventure” has begun. After a few minutes all the youngsters settle in as we drift off to the south for a bit. We have really light winds at all levels with a push coming from the east, which I’m fighting as I don’t want to cross the river as it’s VERY wet over there. Mother Nature wins this one and we do get shoved across the river. I drop into “lull” wind as we wait for the “gang” over the ol’stinky dairy. I have spotted the LZ for today at a “friendly” farm and the boys come get us with a drop line to stay off the little trees. The only “semi-dry” spot here is a dusty road so the balloon will be dusty till the next flight. We get the balloon bagged and the passengers do the “sit” and we head back to city hall for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Kathy: “T
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