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May 15, 2014 (v)
Passengers: Arlene & Joe Bourson, Marissa Cherepanov, Aaron Holley

The winds have shifted 180* from yesterday, now out of the south so we move to one of those sites. The group today was canceled about a month ago and it took Aunt Cathy some doing to get them all together today. We get the balloon out on the lot, cold air added and Cecil gets her up and ready for the passengers. We get the passengers on board and are off the lot heading to the north. Once we clear the buildings we see the sun burning through the haze. We head to the north following Pringle Road with just a slight turn to the east. The passengers start to settle in to the morning’s activities, except Joe I think it’s going to take a bit longer for him. We hook toward the industrial area off Madrona and McGilcrest and I’m thinking that Walling’s Pond looks like a great spot to take some of the squeaks out of the basket floor (better known as a “splash & dash”). Once we get off the water we have gotten more of a drift to the southeast and it’s time to find a spot to park. I have the gang move to Lee Mission Cemetery for the shot and when I drop in we hook sharply to the east and will wind up at the “old” Salem Hospital area. We miss the paved lot and the gang catches us on the grass then gives us a tow to the DRY lot. We pop the top and drop the balloon get it “tagged” up and in the bag for the sit. We load up and head back to the park for the picnic.
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