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August 29, 2014 Boise
Passengers: Mike Witschen, Beth McGovney, Virginia Drummond

Today is day 2 for us in Boise and is “Memorial Flight” day which is the day that all gathered remembers the friends that passed away during the last year. A solo balloon is flown with black streamers (representing tears) as the names are read of those not with us today. Back at our corner of the field the gang is getting Starship ready for today’s flight. This is VIP Day and we are assigned three local passengers from the Boise area. The balloon is up and ready to board the passenger and we are off the field with several others. This park has a nice fountain in it and the tradition has been the first balloon to get INTO it and wet gets $100 and our fellow Oregon pilot, Tim Gale in “Checkmate” does it. We have light and variable winds today so many of the balloons are doing a BOX which is fly off the field then find a breeze to carry you back to where you took off. We are just “playing” around and I take a shot at the river and miss then catch a hook back toward the field and we have a chance to BOX too. By the time we get close to our launch site there is a “small” traffic jam (pilots call it a “stack”) above the field and we all have to wait our turn to get back down. The red Coke balloon gets down and we will slip over them to get back to the EXACT same spot that we took off from about an hour ago. We get the balloon deflated, tagged and put away for today.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Mike: “Great job!”
Beth: “Perfect box day, thanks!”
Virginia: “Great flight, thank you!”

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Cecil, Tim, Molly, Lance, Brett, Joe & Cindy

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