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September 14, 2014
Passengers: Kaylean & Casey Atkins, Dari Denhem, Kelsey Atkins

Again we are in the Brooks area with calm winds on the surface as the gang gets to work on the balloon. We get the heat in and the balloon standing ready for the passengers. This is a “family” flight today so we have lots of youngsters & lookie loos around and photo ops are taken. After all the kiddies get there pictures we are off the field drifting to the south. The passengers start to settle into the flight as we cross over Brooklake Road and toward Keizer. Time to land and I send the gang to a park we use often and then I have trouble getting there as the winds low are non-existent As I approach the LZ I drift off to the east a bit and we miss the shot. I go a bit higher and catch a push to the west (see track) and have a chance for a drop to the gang. The drop goes bad and the bag hangs in a tree so I cut us loose and move onto the next LZ down wind. We see Cecil slip into the creek and the radio cracks he’s okay but wrenched his knee. The next shot is a school downwind and the gang is back on the road as we slip over the trees. Again I catch the drift to the east and have to use Big Red to get some help to hit the field. We get the balloon packed up, the passengers do the sit and we head back to Brooks for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Dari: “Thank you so much for the wonderful time. The pilot was excellent and so nice. It was so nice to fly high with my three angels!!”
Kaylean: “What an amazing time
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