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March 29, 2015
Passengers: Brian Staton & Mom Zada

Early in the season it’s a bit “nippy” to do the after flight party outside so we use a local restaurant to meet at and do it inside. Our launch site is across the street so we move there for the setup. Zada is celebrating a “belated birthday so we have some family “lookie loos” on site too. The “gang” gets to work on Starship and we get the cold air pumped in and Cecil does the honors in bringing the “gentle giant” out of its month long slumber. It’s time to get the passenger on board and after the safety briefing we are off the ground heading south down Commercial street. As we climb up to altitude we spot the fog creeping in through the Eola notch to the west. This is giving us some haze but as the sun heats up it will get better. I get a sharp hook to the east and this puts us on a track toward Tim’s work place at South Salem High after passing over Gilmore Field the Saxons baseball complex. This track has again swung back to the south and we are entering “no land” territory. We miss the gang at the first LZ and the “chase will be on. We slip past a really nice field as at 200 feet we get a speed increase that was not expected. Ground heating has started so we get “funky” turns as the air has started to slow “churn”. We have a great shot for the parking lot at the old birthing center at the hospital so I set up the shot. At tree top we get a push to the west and this puts us in the cemetery so the gang has to make a VERY quick move to make the catch. This grass is VERY wet and we are close to the fence which over it is a BIG dry parking lot. The gang and I decide with calm winds we can “hop” the fence so we do just that. We get the balloon deflated and
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