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June 7, 2015
Passengers: Rachael Domeyer, Emily Anderson, Suzanne Mason & Dick North

With the “heat” returning (in the 90’s later in the day) we are having a bit less winds so I call for a Keizer meeting spot and the test balloon proves that this will work today. We move to the school and get the balloon out, the air pumped in. The lines are straightened out and it’s full enough for the heat to be added. Time to add some ballast so I call for the passengers to join us in the basket. We are off the lot and hook to the southeast at an easy pace. The track carries us to the south as the passengers start to settle in and are getting into the wonder of the flight. At altitude we are tracking toward the river (check track) so I call the tower and we drop lower and correct the track back to the east and head toward the Parkway. I have a shot at a dip in the pond so the “gang” moves into the Cap/Chev parking lot for a photo op. The breeze shifts and we slip past the pond and into the Oregon Deaf school complex. It’s a bit early to land here so I call for the fairgrounds as the LZ for today and the “gang” move there. We slip past this LZ to the west and the next one is Barrick field (N. High’s ball field) but we slip past this one to the west. The next LZ is North High’s football field but again we miss it to the west even after I try playing “tree ball” by trying to bounce and spin of a tree. We are low and now very slow so I make the parking lot at the Imaging Center the LZ today. We land unassisted as the “gang” is still behind us locking gates at the high school. The boys join us and tow us down the lot for the lay down and blow out. We get the balloon ready for th
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