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September 20, 2015
Passengers: Chase Groome, Kristina Groome, Madi Dedera, Savannah Lambert

Today it’s a belated birthday flight for Kristina and family. I call for our west site as the forecast calls for light winds to the southeast and the test balloon confirms it. Vicki the Mom gets the kids on site. We get the gear out, start the cold pack and Cecil takes the kids inside the balloon for a look. Time to add the heat and get the passengers on board. A bit more heat and we are of the lot and on our way drifting slowly to the northeast. The birthday girl is settling into the flight as is the rest of the party. We are coming up on the river and will cross into Keizer soon. The track is putting us on line for several good LZ’s (landing zones) but we miss a couple and then we hold toward a school we use a lot so I drop altitude to set the shot. We get a bit of a shove to the east and miss the school and are into Inland Shores. We will do a street drop line and the gang tows us to a little park we have used before for the take down and pack up. We get the balloon in the bag and the kids do the sit and its back to west Salem for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Chase: “Thank you for showing us more of Gods creations.”
Kristina: “Thank you for such an amazing trip. It was truly enjoyable; I learned a lot and saw a lot too. You guys are a fun crew to be around and I hope to go again.”
Madi: “Thank you so much! You guys are some pretty cool people>”
Savannah: “Thank you it was really fun!”
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