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July 3, 2016
Passengers: Randy & Sherri Hinrichsen, Jacquie & Ed Killoran

Our first flight for July and I call for one of the Brooks sites as the winds are calm to 5 MPH out of the northwest. The pi-ball (our on site test balloon) shows that the upper air up to two thousand feet are REALLY calm so we may have to go high to get to a workable LZ. The gang get the balloon out of the bag and spread out, we get the cold air started as the passengers look on to the activities. One of our passengers is an engineer so Cecil takes him inside to show him the “workings of the balloon. We get the heat into the balloon and hit a snag as the top drops out and we will have to reset it and try again. On this try we get a push of air off the hanger roof and will have to try again. The third time is the charm and we are up and ready to load up the passengers. We are off the field and drift to the west over the hops, not a direction I really want to go. I decide to get some altitude and see if I can get that hook to the south that the pi-ball got into. Above two thousand feet I find the push south and the view of the valley is really cool. We are doing about13 MPH up here and start to approach Keizer coming in at the golf course. I have the gang stage for a possible LZ shot at the 2 million dollar field but when I get low the hook to the west grabs us and the next shot will be an Elementary School. I have a good shot with the crew in the field and miss by about 100 feet. We are coming up on Willow Lake nursery (now a wedding venue) and I call for this one next. We clear the trees and I drop into a hay field next to the old nursery. There is NO wind on the surface so we use the fan to blow the heat out and get it tubed up for the pack up. The passengers get the “sit” done and we are on the road back north for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Randy: “Thanks for letting me help out. A fun ride with great technology and crew, glad you are loosing weight too. Thanks Shirley for the fine food from all of us!!”
Ed: “What a site my first ‘moon’ shot. Thanks for the ride.”
Sherri: “ Great job! Very memorable experience and of course I couldn’t ignore the boxer view.”
Jacquie: “I thought I would be petrified but found it wonderfully relaxing. The view is incredible! And yes, I like the blue stripped boxers.”

A BIG thank you to today’s Crew (I can’t get in the air or back on the ground without’um)
Cecil, Tim & Richard

Average Speed: 5.0 MPH
Distance Flown: 6.3 Miles

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