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August 20, 2016
Passengers: Rachael & Aaron Montesano, Hannah Jablouski & Michael Megrath

Another great Saturday to fly so I call for the Brooks site once again. We have a party that has been on the books for almost a year and I really appreciate their patience, but I feel today was worth the wait. The gang gets the gear off the van, we do the stretch out then pump in the cold air and when we are full its time for some heat We are standing tall and time for some “ballast” (passengers) to join the party. After the briefing we are off drifting down the runway toward the north, not a direction I had planned on. I go higher to get the drift to the south that the test balloon showed us and at about thousand feet I slip into a good track but will have to stay high. We catch more and more east push and have the river to contend with as we move further west. The hour is close to the end and I spot a perfect field, cleaned grass seed with the gang on site. I stay high until a third into the LZ then drop in at about 250 feet catch that same hook we had at take off to the south. We are over a planted (I know Google earth shows different) and I DON’T land on crops so I stay low with the west push and in a few minutes we are caught by the crew and walked to the original LZ for the take down. We drop the balloon, get the air out and tagged up for the bag. We load up and head back to Finney for the picnic.
I get the story started, the toast is done and the certificates are presented.

Hannah: “Much more fun than I ever imagined! Thank you for a great flight.”
Michael: “Thanks for letting me fly with you and for a safe landing.”
Aaron: “Great flight and lots of fun, thank you!”
Rachael: “Thank you fo
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