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September 17, 2016
Passengers: The Ward FamilyLauren, Jennifer, Sarah, T.J. & John

We are in a transition with the weather and it looks like a couple of days of rain are in the future I just didn’t plan on packing up in IT. The winds are a bit on the fast side from south to north but I call for the west site to give me some working room on the choice of LZ’s at the end of the hour. We get the gear unloaded and start to put Starship together and get the cold air pumped in. Cecil gets the interior inspection done and it’s time to add some heat. Time to get the “ballast” on board (Christmas card shot here) and with a bit more heat we are off the site and on the start of our “adventure”. I was right as the push from the south is good one as we enter into the farming part of west Salem and cross over the Marion berry fields, over the “cow food” for the dairy then over the tree line and cross the river into Keizer. The kids noticed that they can see our reflection in the river as we pass over. We cross the BPA feed lines are into farm country once again. We pass over Clear Lake and I see a sign that fall is just around the corner. It’s over Zielinski Farms and more corn, this time it’s “people food”. The hour is closing and I spot the LZ for today a harvested and mowed wheat field. I have a Hazelnut orchard before the LZ so I use the treetops to take off some of the speed and after I hop over the powerlines I send the bag down to the gang and we are back on terra firma. We get the balloon down and ready to pack and then Mother Nature sends an unwanted gift….showers. The gang takes to the tarps to cover the balloon and we will be packing up in the rain, not heavy but wet enough. We will need some “cover” so I stop by one of our launch sites in Keizer to do the picnic inside the gazebo there.
I get the story started, the
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