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Balloon Flying Service of Oregon also operates a division that provides for rental or sale, cold air inflatable. These are 25 foot balloons filled with cold air provided by a fan, they don't fly. They are tethered to the ground or roof top, used for advertising. These balloons are real "eye catchers" and are ideal to promote a open house, grand opening or some upcoming event. They work 24 hours a day and are lighted internally for night use.

They can be rented for $50 a day plus a setup and take down fee of $200. They can also be purchased and we will provide the training to you, or Balloon Flying Service of Oregon can provide a maintenance contract and do all the work.

Another function of a hot air balloon, it makes a great "flying billboard." A cloth banner is designed with your information, including a custom logo. This banner is attached to the balloon with velcro and flown over the city in the areas that YOU designate. This type of billboard marketing has proven to be seven times more effective than stationary boards, according to "Ad Age Magazine". In the state of Oregon billboards are restricted to three hundred square feet. The standard banner size that Balloon Flying Service of Oregon offers is fourty nine percent (49%) larger.

We also offer consultation and construction on any shaped balloon. This type of hot air balloon is built in the shape of your product, be it a bag of groceries, or a dragon.

The cost of a banner program is less than a short term billboard program, $2500 for 10 flights plus the cost of the banner, normally about three hundred dollars.

The purchase price varies, so contact us for a free consultation.
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