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Balloon Flying Service of Oregon has an educational opportunity for teachers and anyone that has space available for a demonstration with our 1/4 scale model Hot Air Balloon. This balloon is a complete representation of all facets of how a Hot Air Balloon operates. The principal of hot air has been used to fly balloons for 229 years. Two Frenchmen named Montgolfier discovered this principal and built the first Hot Air Balloon and demonstrated it to Louie XVI on November 21, 1783.

Please view the 3 minute video and note that even at 1/4 scale the balloon needs some space. A normal gymnasium would do nicely or a convention facility with a HIGH ceiling.

If you have any questions please call our office 503-363-9799 or use our contact form.


RC Balloon Demo
Donate to the Jan Cline Memorial Foundation When possible a DONATION to the Keizer Chamber Foundation in memory of Jan Cline would be suggested for our services. Jan was our LEAD CREW PERSON for 17 years and was stricken by cancer in the summer of 2011 and succumbed to that illness in October. The Foundation was formed by the Keizer Chamber of Commerce after her passing and all donations should be directed through Keizer Chamber Foundation.
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